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Trip to serve Deaf children in the Dominican Republic DR081701

Ben Chittenden
Colorado Springs, CO

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About my Fundraiser
I am excited to share with you my plans to serve the Deaf students in the Dominican Republic.  It has been on my heart to serve on a mission trip since my time in Mexico in high school.  This trip is special as I will be serving and getting to know students who are Deaf and attend the deaf school in Santo Domingo.  Life for Deaf kids in this country can be very different from what we are used to here in America. The common belief held there is that Deaf children do not have the ability to learn. This has led to a lifetime of being ignored or mistreated.  However, work in the country to change this false idea and teach and learn through their sign language has changed things for the children lucky enough to be involved with the schools.  Also, they don’t have easy access to the Bible in their language which can make having a relationship with Jesus more difficult.   
While in DR, I will be sharing a message at the church where the Deaf attend on Sunday. We also will be getting to know their hearts and their needs throughout the week.  We will lead a summer camp for most of the time, providing fun and learning in sign language.  Mostly, I am hoping to form some long-term friendships with these students to be able to teach them about the hope we have for a future with purpose in Christ. 
Would you join with me in prayer for the work that is soon to be done?  We pray for safe travels, effective relationships to be built, and mostly for God to do His work in the lives of our team and the people we meet. We are also in need of funds to be raised and this is an area you can help with this mission.  Would you consider donating to our trip to help us travel there and bless them with needed materials?  Any amount is helpful and appreciated and will go to build relationships between our group of Deaf and signing team and the staff and students at the school. 
Thank you for your willingness to pray for us as we travel August 5-12, 2017. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping in any way you can!  God bless you!