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Team Wentz Guatemala Mission GU061803

John, Shannon, Luke, Logan and Mikayla Wentz
Oswego, IL

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About my Fundraiser
This summer, Team Wentz will be heading to Guatemala and we are so grateful to have you partner with us. 

As a family we value the relationships that we have developed over the last several years with our friends in Guatemala and have seen the incredible impact that these relationships have had on each of us. We are excited for you to share in this journey with us. 

Why are we doing this trip? 
-We are excited to continue our partnership with Vision Trust and their work in Cruz Blanca. For over 10 years, this work has grown and we are excited to have been a part of it for the last 6 years. 
-We know the impact summer camp has had on our kids and now we get a chance to provide summer camp for the kids at the learning center. We know they are going to love it! (We are specifically doing a sports camp with the older kids at the center.) 
-We are looking forward to seeing the families that we support, including one new family that we began supporting this past year.
-This will be a great opportunity for our kids to continue to develop a global vision for how they can use their lives at a critical time during their life. 
-Luke is currently in his third year of Spanish, and Mikayla will be starting Spanish soon and we are excited for this as an educational opportunity for them. 

When is the trip? 
June 27-July 4. 

How much will the trip cost and how much are we raising?
Project and land costs per person =$1100 x5-$5500. 

Our family is committing to work together in creative ways to cover the money for our airfare costs and we would like to invite you to make a gift towards the land/project costs of our trip listed above. 
Immunization and Passport Costs=500
Airfare=est: $700 per person x5=$3500

All gifts are welcome. 
We know that to raise $5500, we will need gifts of every size. 

Would you consider making a one time gift? 

Any gift goes directly toward the cost of our trip. Unlike other online giving sites, Givezooks gives 100% of your gift directly to ourwork and does not take any percentage. (Thanks Givezooks!)

We are also collecting outdoor basketballs and baketball pumps to donate to the Learning Center. If you would like to donate please let us know!