Serving Children in the Dominican Republic / DR051901


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About my Fundraiser
153 million orphans. More slaves today than at the height of the African Slave trade. Over 20,000 children dying every single day from a lack of basic resources. This trip is my chance to engage some of these children face to face and learn about the best practices to help (and not hurt) the millions of suffering children around the world. We will come alongside some amazing local Dominican Christian leaders to help them in their ministries to the hurting children around them.  We'll share our lives and testimonies as we encourage them to trust and follow the Lord who loves them so dearly. 

I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic in May 2019 with Cru and VisionTrust to help the orphaned children to come to know the Lord, and to see that there is so much good in the world! On this trip, I will be sharing my personal stories and I will be using that to help the children see God in every single thing. Helping others, especially children, and serving the Lord has always been a passion of mine, and I am so excited that I can continue to do so! I have always wanted to travel outside of the United States for a mission like this, so I am beyond excited and blessed with this opportunity! However, I cannot raise this money on my own, so I am asking for support! 

Please consider donating any amount that you can to make this passion and my dream come true! Please keep me in your prayers as I embark on this journey!

If you have any questions about anything regarding this trip, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you and God Bless!!