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About my Fundraiser
The directors serving on the VisionTrust board have committed to raising $25,200 to sponsor two VisionTrust Learning Centers (LC's) in India for one year.  As you most likely already know, reaching a Hindu nation with the gospel and then working daily to make disciples can be extremely challenging.  However, the Lord has given us favor with implementing the VisionTrust Learning Center concept in 30 locations reaching just over 1,800 children right now – to His glory.

Why these Learning Centers are strategic

Learning Centers not only reach kids with the gospel and make them disciples, they are strategic in growing the church in communities where our God is not wanted initially.  For example, with thanks to God, by establishing centers where there was no church, we’ve planted 10 new churches in areas previously thought impossible to reach because they were so aggressive against Christianity.  These churches came from the kids being discipled and then they helped reach their parents and the community.  And where the centers started in existing churches, we’ve witnessed unparalleled church growth because the Learning Center assisted the pastors in bridging the gap between the extremely poor Hindu villagers and the church.  In general, the church is now seen as a church that provides useful and caring services to the children in need, revealing to the villagers a view of Christianity founded on love and servanthood.  In other words, the church is using the Learning Center concept to reach the unreached right in their backyards.
We are asking you to partner in sustaining two centers in strategically selected locations shared in this proposal.  With the Lord’s leading and blessing, we hope to achieve the following impact:
  • Run an intentional disciple-making program with approximately 120 children (mostly Hindu and some Muslim)
  • Plant one church with one for an unreached people group
  • Grow one church struggling to survive in hostile communities

Program Background and Overview

VisionTrust works on-the-ground in India in partnership with the Evangelical Church of India (ECI).  ECI’s primary mission is to plant churches throughout India.  VisionTrust has a wonderful dedicated staff that operates the Learning Centers (LC) as a part of the ECI ministry, leveraging ECI’s network of churches, pastors and labor force.  Since the Tsunami on December 26, 2004, we’ve been perfecting the LC program together and strategically utilizing it for new church plants and church growth.
The LC is essentially an after-school program for the neediest children in the surrounding area.  It is open to any race or religion and provides equal access to all services provided.  The services include a snack and a meal, tutoring, Christian discipleship and personal health training. If specific medical issues arise like malaria or a broken arm, these are addressed.   Each child is registered and his or her health, grades, attendance, etc. is tracked.  The main goal of these programs is to see the children grow up to live for God and love others – being productive Christians among their own people

Stories of Impact using the Learning Center Model

A. Suvetha
Suvetha is a 12th grade student, who hails from a very poor family background. Annakili, Suvetha's mother, is serving as a cook in our LC. So she had a chance to be very close to all LC activities. Previously her father Arumugan was an alcoholic who often fought with his wife and children. This family came to know that Jesus is the only peace-giver and believed in Him. As a result of their faith, her father seldom drinks alcohol. I can firmly say that Suvetha has accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior and she is growing in Him day by day. Now she can recite more than 50 Bible verses. This family is very much supportive to our LC.
M. Vijay
Everyone has a turning point in their lives. Vijay, too, had a time of turning from past failures in his life. Vijay is a recent 10th grade student. His father, Mohan, is a fisherman.  His mother, Kuppulakshmi, is working as a helper in the construction field. He is very prayerful, and he believes that his prayers were answered through his receivng 10th rank in his class the first time and 5th rank the second time. Then he started praying for his family's salvation. Jesus heard his prayer and his mother got saved. This created a very bad impression about Vijay in his father’s mind, as his father is a staunch Hindu. At first his father, Mohan, was creating more problems in the family.  Now he is not opposing them. He is growing in the Lord every day. He got 370/500 marks in his 10th grade. Pray for Vijay to be successful in life.
N. Abinesh 
His father is a fisherman and his mother is a homemaker. He has one younger brother and one younger sister. His sister is deaf and unable to speak. Initially he was very disobedient and rude in our LC. As time passed on he was changing by listening to the Word of God taught by the LC teachers. Then he was transformed by the love of Christ and now he is willing to be baptized. But his parents objected to this. As a result of his hard work, faith and prayer, he scored 435/500 in his 10th grade exams. 

Learning Centers that need Support Now

The following two LCs were started in 2015 and strategically selected to make the best impact in the kingdom of God.  (The following was written by Merwin Joshua, VisionTrust India Director.)

1) Church Growth - Mel Nedungal

This village is located on the border of two states (Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh). The people in this village are from the Irular community.  A few years back, an outreach ministry was started in this village by the Evangelical Church of India. A team of believers travelled to this village once a month and shared the gospel with the Irular people. But they haven’t found much success in bringing many of them to Christ Jesus. Moreover they couldn’t do much with the children on their own. In 2015, ECI approached us to help start an LC among the Irular children as we are already working with them in Perianemmeli.
There are no other Christian ministries working around this area. Most of the children quit school and go with their parents to catch snakes and scorpions. An LC in this village is stopping children from dropping out from school. Now these children know about Jesus and are being discipled - helping them become strong Christians in the years to come.         

2) Unreached People - Koothapaakam

There is a caste in India whose only occupation is astrology. These people spend most of their time in graveyards and places of cremation. Induced by "the spirits", they call out names of people in front of their homes, prophesying. The people from the other communities fear them and give them money so that they will not curse them.
The children from this community traditionally do not go beyond 8th grade because the government has put this caste on the nomad list and had refused to give them a caste certificate which is needed for the children to take their 10th and 12th grade exams.
We praise the Lord that a VisionTrust Learning Center (LC) in this area has been started and many children are going to school. The change began because the VisionTrust Learning Center manager began taking steps to get these children their caste certificate. Now, the families and the community are being reached through this ministry. This community was a totally untouched group by any ministry prior to this change.

Funds Needed

Each VisionTrust Learning Center requires a minimum of $1,050 per month and is designed to initially support 60 children.  Per child cost: $17.50 per month or 58 cents per day. 
We are seeking full support for both centers for one year, $25,200. Thank you for considering this partnership. We’d love to have you involved and connected to these Learning Centers.  Thank you for your consideration!