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Serving Children in the Dominican Republic / DR011

Becky Christoffersen
Colorado Springs, CO

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About my Fundraiser
The Ascent Church and many other friends of Las Brisas will be serving our Las Brisas family from July 15-July 21 this year.  Please pray for the team, the Dominican Vision Trust staff and the community we have all grown to know and love.  Below is a list of the items that are needed in Las Brisas.  We are praying that God allows us to accomplish all of these on this years trip but we need your help.  Please consider donating on this website or contact us (Christoffersens, Smiths, Arment) if you would like to donate any of the physical items needed.  And we still have room for more team members if anyone wants to join us! 


1. Vacation Bible School
2. Youth activities-teen girls and boys
3. Men & Women
4. Community outreach 

ROOF-The roof is leaking and humidity and mold are present.  After evaluating the situation with an engineer we have a budget of $16,200 US dollars. 
Other construction projects are:
1. Moving and repairing the handwashing station to another place in the patio.
2. Sun shade protection for the water purification building
3. Preschool wood tables 
4. Repairing of the playground 
5. Paint basketball court 
6. Paint backyard walls
7. Gardening by the basketball court 

Other needs:
1. School supplies
2. 2 laptops
3. Chairs for the preschool