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Serving Children in Tanzania - Team TZ071901

Abby Kapitz
Wittenberg, WI

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About my Fundraiser
God has made His way into my life over the last three years at UW-Madison in the most powerful of ways. I have been involved in a student ministry called Cru where I have grown substantially in my faith. After learning of the many areas of the world Cru sends people to serve, I grew an aching heart for the children in Tanzania. I have been beyond blessed with an encouraging community and lots of support from family and friends to go on a 12-day mission this July!

Tanzania is home to many children suffering from the lack of basic necessities. This mission trip will focus on serving children in three orphanage sites in Morogoro and learning of the best practices to help those who are suffering. I am very excited to see what God will do in the lives of the children we serve but also the change my team and I will undergo while encountering this new culture.

Please consider either financially or prayerfully supporting my mission this summer!