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Serving Children in Tanzania TZ121701

Molly Buehler

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About my Fundraiser
   As many of you know, I had the opportunity to go spread God's love in Morogoro, Tanzania last January. By the grace of God I've been given the same one this year! My team and I will be helping with an evangelism camp for the kids, and also visiting families at their homes to spread the love of Christ. 

  The wonderful people I encountered have been on my mind since I left, and I'm eager to see them and follow up with them. If you feel led to give, please click on the link on this page. I'm hoping to raise $4,000 to help get me there, and also help fund the camp. Please remember that prayer is the most important on this journey, and that any sort of support given is welcome! Thank you for your time and patience.
     Because they haven't heard,
       Molly Buehler