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Malawi 2018-MW081801

christine Michalski
St. Charles, MO

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About my Fundraiser
I want to thank you for visiting my Malawi fundraising page.  My first trip to Malawi was 2014 and I learned so much about myself on that trip.  I found a strength in myself I didn't know I had, found a passion that didn't exist before my visit there. Those things were gifts from the people of Malawi.  Seeing how they live their lives with purpose and a passion helped me to look at myself, my relationship with God and my life differently.
I now have they opportunity and take my fourth trip to Malawi. This trip will be similar to the other trips as far as working with the teachers and doing some training for them, doing home visit's for the sponsored kids and some work on a new class room building. The only difference in this trip is I have taken more of a leadership role leading a small team.
I do need two things to make this trip happen.  One is prayer and the other in money.  If you feel led please donate and make this trip possible for me.
Thank you
Daughter of God