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Holly serves the children of the Dominican Republic / DR051701

Holly Davis
Columbus, OH

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About my Fundraiser
Anyone that knows me knows I have a heart for helping people especially women and children. I have always felt a strong calling in my life to help those who don't have a voice, or who haven't yet found their voice. I went to a Christian school my whole life and grew up in the church, for years I sat watching as my friends went off on mission trips and I stayed home. I was aggravated but God had not yet equipped my spirit to be ready (I am a sensitive person) my faith needed to be solid before I was ready to help someone else. I'm at a place now physically and emotionally where I am happy. I'm enjoying college I'm involved with a group of girls from Cru who I meet with for life group. Things are wonderful in my life, that is exactly what I was thinking the day I was approached about summer missions. My friend asked me if I ever thought of going on a summer mission and my heart immediately leaped and right then and there I knew it was a time we prayed about it, and that night I found the Dominican Trip. I was accepted into the program which I was overjoyed about because it's doing what I dream of doing. I will be helping some of the over 152 million homeless children in the Dominican Republic this summer. We will serve in numerous ways like cleaning, painting, feeding, running Vacation Bible School, playing games, teaching, and sharing our life testimonies with them as we encourage them to trust and follow the Lord, who loves them so dearly.
I need to raise funds to go on this trip. I know it is Gods plan that I go and be with these Children this summer so I'm putting this in his hands. I want to thank you for helping make my dream come true and for praying for me while I embark on this journey.  Any amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated. 
I want to go ahead and give you an email you can reach me at if you have any questions (: davis1017@live.marshall.edu