Serving Children in Guatemala / GU051901

Faith Baldwin

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About my Fundraiser
I am so excited that I am able to share with you about another opportunity God has blessed me with. Cru (the Christian organization I am apart of at App State) partners with many different organizations to send students on summer missions all across the globe. I am so pleased to announce that I have been accepted onto a team of students across the nation that is going to Guatemala. This trip is through an organization called VisionTrust, who focuses its mission work on orphans. UNICEF estimated 370,000 children live orphaned in Guatemala. The country has an extremely high poverty rate (70% of people live below the poverty level) which has brought hard and dangerous lives on the children. There are high rates of murdered, missing, and abused Guatemalan children. In the first 2 months of 2015, an estimated 900 kids went missing and each day 22 cases of sexual abuse were reported. I can only imagine the fear and hurt these kids deal with each and every day. It makes me hurt for them and I cannot wait to meet them. I want to love on these children with everything I’ve got.
While in Guatemala, I will be sharing God’s love through a special children’s program, teacher training workshops, a community day, and home visits to families in the village. If you are curious, visit to learn more information! I will be there for a short week (May 18 - May 25, 2019) but I know it will be enough to have a lasting effect on not only their hearts, but mine as well.  In order to go on my trip, I have a goal to raise $2200 by April 15th, 2019. Would you consider sponsoring me to go? If you are unable to give financially, teaming with me in prayer would be incredibly helpful as well!