Equipping Caregivers in India - IN091701 - Mary Hopkins

Mary Hopkins
Muscatine, IA

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About my Fundraiser

Hi everyone,

Words I’ve never said before: I will be traveling to India September 24 through October 1!  Along with my four teammates including a water engineer, two nurses and a pharmacist, I will attend the first annual Vision Trust Health conference in Chennai. Our highly dedicated partners on the ground are taking the health of our kids so seriously that they have been planning this conference for over a year. The focus will be on water filtration, hand washing, sustainable food practices, the basics of dental care and behavioral health to the workers and volunteers of Vision Trust projects scattered throughout the Chennai province.
I will be presenting a first round of Trauma Competent Care to all conference attendees and spend a half a day with a small set of leaders to go deeper into the concepts foundational to the curriculum. One crucial point I hope to relay is the reality that relationships are the context where humans are typically harmed; some form of nurture was withheld, something harmful was present. The good news though remains, humans young and old can receive healing in the context of relationship. My time in India will be spent laying the ground work of teaching the skills that will allow this to happen.

I am grateful for your support of this work - words are insufficient to convey my heart - thank you!