Equipping Caregivers in Brazil - BR041701

Mary Hopkins
Muscatine, IA

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About my Fundraiser

Kids experience trauma when they go without and when they have adverse circumstances in their lives. Neglect and abuse are common labels for trauma.

Humans are wired for trust and connection, trauma breaks that connection. The care that children naturally need is often unmet, leaving them confused and stunted intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Vision Trust is serving the poorest children of the world; working in regions where jobs and food are scarce. Stable routines that children long for are replaced by unpredictable schedules as adults struggle to meet daily needs of housing and food for their families. 

Trauma changes the heart and mind of the child forever. Unless. Unless a skilled caregiver brings that child back from the small place of fear and survival to which they’ve been relegated into the hopeful mind and heart God originally intended for them.  We are training caregivers the skills they need to heal these precious little ones.

Your prayers and support are doing this work.

Thank you,