Building Hope - VisionTrust Liberia School Program 3 LI503

Denise Salin
Saratoga, CA

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About my Fundraiser
In 2010, we built a small school for orphaned and vulnerable children in one of the most impoverished communities in Liberia. These children have experienced trauma as a result of war, poverty, abuse, and sickness. Over the years we have added classrooms, a library, kitchen, and dining room. What began as a one room school building with 250 children has grown to 13 classrooms with over 400 children! In addition to providing a quality education, the children also receive a nutritious meal, medical care, spiritual mentoring, and love.

The preschool through 11th grade classrooms are made with wood poles, thatched walls, and a tin roof. In 2016 we began plans to build a cement school because this was a new requirement by the Liberian government. We are in the process of completing the foundation and our next goal is to add the cement slab floor and walls. This new 2 story school will not only provide a better learning environment with more space, light, and protection from the sun and rain, it will also continue to be a place where children's lives are transformed to live for God and love others. We believe this will have a powerful impact in their homes, community, and country. We need your help to keep this project going.

Please join
Peninsula Bible Church Cupertino (PBCC) and Willow Glen Bible Church (WGBC) in partnership with VisionTrust to build this school and build hope for the children and community in Liberia.

A generous donor has offered to match contributions up to $20,000 between now and November 30, 2018. Today is a great day for building hope!