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Serving & Bringing Books to Guatemalan Children - GU021901

Dawn Baker
New York

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About my Fundraiser
The children of Guatemala hold a special place in my heart. In 2003 I adopted a Gualemalan baby girl and took her home as my daughter.  Now, 15 years later, I am planning to return to Guatemala again.  This time I am serving on a Vision Trust team, bringing my training as a Literacy Specialist to support children and teachers at a learning center in the village of Cruz Blanca.  My dream is to travel with suitcases of donated Spanish children's books and essentially "give a library" to this Guatemalan village school.  Will you please consider joining me as I try, in one small way, to help end the cycle of poverty in this village and improve the quality of life for the 400 children whose basic needs are supported by this Vision Trust learning center?  If you would like to help support my travel on this mission, please use this link on this page.   If you would like to donate Spanish books or money to help me "give a library," please email me at DawnCampanoBaker@gmail.com and I will send you that donation link. I will be traveling Feb. 15- 22, 2019.  Thank you so much!