Million Meals

Help provide a million meals for children in Africa.
VisionTrust has a new campaign with the goal of bringing desperately needed nutrition to some of the poorest children in Africa!  The goal is to raise enough funds by the end of 2012 to provide 1 million nutritious meals to orphaned and impoverished children in remote villages in Africa.  Many of these remote villages are out of reach of many of the aid organizations because of their location and small size.  But we believe these communities and their children can have a better future.  Because of this we're not just feeding them.  The food you provide will be part of a larger program with the goal of helping develop local leaders in the village who will have an exponential impact as they care for their own for generations to come.    

Initially, a critical way to begin is to provide meals to the young children of the community. Vital brain development happens within the first few years of life. By insuring that these children have proper nourishment, we are taking a crucial step towards developing future leaders of the community and possibly the country.

Our goal is to provide 1,000,000 meals to vulnerable children in villages among the poorest parts of Africa.  At $0.24 per meal you can provide a child with the nourishment they need to develop fully.  Not only will you be providing nutritious meals, but you will be empowering locals to care for their own!

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